Similarity detection of an address or source code.

Similarityscan is a software tool that helps users identify the degree of similarity on any given smart contract against a database of popular smart contracts. This tool is particularly useful for investors who want to check if the project they have invested in is unique or if it has been copied.

Similarity Scan normally determines how similar two source codes are by looking for characters or phrases from one contract in the other. Token comparison and commonality detection are steps in this process. This process involves comparing the tokens, which are the basic building blocks of code, and identifying the common ones.

Cyberscope’s Similarityscan tool can perform a side-by-side comparison of source codes. The tool checks for similarities by comparing the code that is being checked to the existing codes in its database. This is a crucial factor in ensuring the security and reliability of a smart contract.

It is crucial to remember that a smart contract still has to be extensively inspected to verify its security, even if it is very close to a reliable implementation.

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