Frequently asked questions regarding KYC

Can I get the KYC badge on my presale?

Yes, you can get the related badge if you hold your presale/fairlaunch in any of our partnered launchpads.

What questions will you ask in the KYC interview?

Just basic questions to establish you are not an actor. If you are who you say you are, you have nothing to worry about.

Why did our KYC fail?

The decision has been made after careful checks of all the provided info. The details of the process and the reason it failed cannot be disclοsed as it's a private procedure. Revealing any details could later be used by potential scammers for their own benefit.

Which third party are we gonna submit our KYC documents to? And where are our KYC docs stored?

All the documents are stored in an encrypted environment that only the CEO has access to. All of our employees have signed a confidentiality agreement as we are a registered company with a legal entity. The infrastructure is also checked by a data protection officer to ensure the best security mechanisms are in place.

Can you tell if this project is doing/tried to/failed to KYC with you?

We cannot disclose if a project is doing KYC with us. And it shouldn’t matter. Just because a project applies for KYC, doesn’t mean they will pass.

The KYC with other providers is a lot cheaper.

Other providers don’t offer marketing with their KYC to give you additional value, nor do they have our proven track record. Our KYC certificate is shareable and is recognized across all launchpads. We also have a strong following of investors who respect our brand and wait to see which projects have passed our KYC. After our KYC we’ll support your project by posting it on Twitter, Telegram, our Newsletter, and a platform with 60k daily visitors. We offer more than a KYC service, we offer you the opportunity to get trust from your investors, and your community and to get more people to invest in your project.

Which launchpad would you suggest me?

All launchpads that we work with are very good, usually our clients prefer Pinksale because it has a bit more traffic but we will support you whatever you choose

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