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Our audit process is designed to provide comprehensive insights into the security and reliability of blockchain projects. Here's what you need to know:

What is the Cyberscope Audit Service

Our audit service is a thorough examination of blockchain projects to identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and ensure overall security. We combine advanced technology with expert analysis to deliver accurate and actionable results.

How We Conduct Audits

  1. Automated Analysis: We perform automated contract analysis, for potential vulnerabilities and weak points in the code.

  2. Human Expertise: Our cybersecurity experts conduct manual reviews to further evaluate the project's security posture, identifying vulnerabilities that automated tools might miss.

  3. Risk Assessment: We perform a comprehensive risk analysis to provide project owners and investors with a clear understanding of potential security issues, found within the smart contract's code.

Benefits for Project Owners

By choosing our audit service, project owners can:

  • Enhance Trust: Display the Cyberscope Audit Badge on your project, showcasing your commitment to security and transparency.

  • Attract Investors: A successful audit can attract more investors who value security and due diligence.

  • Build Reputation: Stand out in the competitive crypto landscape by demonstrating your dedication to a secure environment.

Benefits for Investors

Investors can confidently engage with projects audited by Cyberscope, as they:

  • Mitigate Risks: Audits reduce the likelihood of investing in projects with vulnerabilities or potential security breaches.

  • Verify Claims: Ensure that projects align with their stated security measures and commitments.

  • Support Transparency: Invest in projects that prioritize transparency and security, fostering a safer ecosystem.

At Cyberscope, we're committed to making Web 3.0 a safer space for everyone involved. Our audit service plays a pivotal role in creating a secure environment for projects and investors alike.

Choose Cyberscope, and let's build a resilient and secure crypto future together.

Contact for Audit

Please contact @raf_cyberscope to get an Audit with us or for any further information you may need.


We can’t tell the future and know in which way a project will use the admin functions of the smart contract. We will only audit the smart contract and flag the threats for investors to read. An audit is an aggressive form of code review and not a project review, so always do your own research before investing in a project.​

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