Frequently asked questions regarding Audit

Can I get the audit badge on my presale?

Yes, you can get the related badge if you hold your presale/fairlaunch in any of our partnered launchpads.

Can the audit fail?

Sometimes, if there are severe issues found within a contract's code, the audit can 'fail'. You will need to read the audit report and address the issues.

How to fix the issues you found in the Audit?

Our audit reports contain detailed descriptions and recommendations on each finding. Consult your developer and if you fix and redeploy a new contract let us know to check and revise it accordingly.

Will renouncing the Ownership fix our contract's issues?

Yes, it can fix most of the most common issues issues as far as the audit is concerned. If you need ownership for finalizing your presale or listing on a CEX, it can prove counter-productive. So you need to make sure this won't cause any problems for you in the future.

I have to deploy a new contract. The new contract is exactly the same as the old contract. Can I get the audit certificate again? Do I have to pay an extra fee?

Yes, you can. If it's the exact same contract there is usually a small admin fee involved.

Do you guys audit CEX, DEX wallets, and new blockchains as well?

Yes, we do custom audits but we have different quotes depending on the contract. Please send us your smart contract in order to review it.

Your Audit services are very expensive. Other providers do it with lower fees.

A strong Audit report is the best marketing you can do for your project. If you are not willing to buy a strong brand audit how do you expect investors to buy your token? Let aside the fact that cheaper companies just run automated diagnostics instead of line-to-line code review. Meaning they will not find real dangers and let you know with recommended fixes. If there is an issue in your contracts, our highly experienced auditors will find it.

Should we add an Anti-Whale bot?

If you have one, we might flag it in the Audit but it is up to you.

Which launchpad would you suggest me?

All launchpads that we work with are very good, usually our clients prefer Pinksale because it has a bit more traffic but we will support you whatever you choose

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